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Loneliness: Anger: Muslims like Palestinian supporters in Bolton March through Hotspot 19


On Saturday, Muslim protesters stormed one of the city’s most populous Indian-style “COVID-19” alternatives in one of the city’s suburbs.

In the special video found Political – Pro-Palestinian Muslim protesters march in the Bolton Dan area chanting anti-Semitic slogans – Bolton during the COVID crisis at a distance from the Issa Academy vaccination center.

See: Protesters cover the hot spot

Tensions are running high in the COVID crisis as protesters continue to carry extremist and pro-Palestinian flags on Dean Church Lane.

In the city center, protesters also waved extremist flags of the late Fred Dib and the statue – one of Bolton’s most famous celebrities.

Explaining why he came here, one protester said: “Because we are against the invasion of Israel.

Stop killing innocent people, women and children in order to liberate Palestine. ”

Credit Danny Crompton via Bolton News

They are demolishing their homes and evicting them.

Date of action

Hundreds of protesters in northwestern London have called for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, despite anti-Semitic slogans in support of Palestine.

They were on suspension traffic when traveling the bulls of the bulls, boards, and flags.

Palestinian Unity Protests Around the World |  Human Rights News |  Al Jazeera

The protests came after an 11-day military offensive between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

Some protesters were seen wearing uniforms, masks, and face masks, while others hid under Palestinian flags.

Specific group of bullotes went out on bus stops and lightning lights on the wall and the police team groups.

“Israel is a terrorist state” and “We are all Palestinians” were heard during the rally.

As the crowd reached Downtown Avenue, they sang “Boris Johnson, Shame on You.”

A temporary venue has been set up at Hyde Park this afternoon, where a lot of talks will be held.

“I came here because this is urgent, the Israeli invasion must end now, it has been a long time ago,” Muqta Ali, a 32-year-old protester from Harrow, north-west London, told AFP.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children were killed by bombs and atrocities, Palestine must be free.

Another, Jack, said: “I stand with the Philistines, so everyone should be a citizen, regardless of your nationality.

“It is wonderful to see thousands of our people go out in support of his cause. We will win – our case will be heard.

Israel’s Security Council approves ceasefire, praised by Boris Johnson and Foreign Minister Dominic Rab

More will follow

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