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Loveless Present “Sorry I’m a Downer”

Loveless-AKA Julian Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail-founded in late 2019 and in the last two years have earned a lot of attention and appreciation thanks to their impressive collaborations with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens and Tyler Smith of Dangerkids as well as a number of hard-hitting Singles. Her new track “sorry i’m a downer”, which PopWrapped is happy to make with the premiere, is a power ballad that mixes melodic pop, emo and post hardcore influences, and addresses the feelings and experiences that come if you want to find your way out of a low point in life, something that will no doubt resonate with thousands, if not millions, after the struggles and hardships of the last eighteen months.

Julian says about the song: “With Loveless, I always try to get a little bit of chaos. On a surface level, ‘sorry I’m a downer’ feels like every other song you can hear on Pop Rock Radio, like the sound of going through the PCH with your windows but after listening more closely, the lyrics share in all sorts of struggles like fear, depression, and self-sabotage.There is something both nervous and strangely comfortable about using a master key and a funny tune to describe your own pain , and it has become a bit of a mainstay in the way I write.

To the question of how the songwriting process and lyrics influenced the video shoot, he adds: “… when it came time to film the video, we did not want to take it too seriously. of this song and that’s not who we are, it had to be unapologetic to us: stupid, scared, flawed and all.

Watch the video for “sorry I’m a downer” below and for more information on Loveless, visit her Website, give her page a like Facebook or pursue them further Twitter in the Instagram.

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