Luka Doncic admits the desire to fight the Clippers despite injuries

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Luka Doncic finally returned to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday after an absence of three games. The Mavs star has had multiple sprains on both his left knee and left ankle, but apparently those were not enough to stop him from taking the floor against the Los Angeles Clippers.

As expected, Doncic came up for the Mavs as he led his team to a 112-104 victory over their rivals. After the game, Luka admitted that he actually did everything he could to make sure he would be available for the Clippers game:

“It’s always special,” Doncic said via Farbod Ensaashari of Fan Nation. “I really wanted to play this match. That’s why I was told that the medical staff did a good job, everyone helped me, every day. We made it happen.

“Mentally, I was happy to be back. I miss basketball, it’s only three days ago. Like I said this morning we will do everything to play the game. I was fine after waking up from my nap and I was just ready to go. “

Doncic missed three matches due to his ankle and knee problems, but it sounds like he had this date inscribed on his calendar. The Mavs star has a bit of a history with the Clippers, and some of his passion spilled out early in the fight against LA swingman Terance Mann.

After Tuesday’s victory, Luka and Mavs are now 10-7 and sit in fourth place in the Western Conference, with the Clippers only half a game behind them in fifth place.

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