Luxury stay in Bangalore – Part 1


One of the main hotels in the center of Bengalru in the garden is the Bangalore night.

Lamit Bangalore, the first sign near the CM House, is located near an 18-hole golf course and is one of the best luxury hotels in the country and has hosted guests for many years.

I recently had the opportunity to see a place to stay here and it turned out to be as good as expected.

Lavit Bangalore has launched a new program called ‘We care’, which is always proud of its high standards of hygiene and safety and adheres to the rules and regulations established by the World Health Organization. And the Ministry of Health, the Government of India.

Under this new program, everyone is tasked with submitting a self-declaration form related to travel history and must download and update the old-fashioned application.

As I waited, I arrived at the hotel where the temperature was checked, baggage contamination was submitted, and I submitted a declaration form. The staff checked the old woman’s application information, looked at the hotel, and showed me the way to my room.

The hotel has about 184 rooms and suites. Provides more than 59,000 square feet of meeting and party space for both indoor and outdoor events. It also features a training and lawn tennis court that guests can enjoy.

There are 2 restaurants and 1 bar and restaurant here.

When I came to my accommodation experience, I noticed that everything in the hotel area was clean and tidy. The rooms are cleaned and sanitized a few hours before the check-in. The hotel hall, check-in and other public places are cleaned and sanitized a few hours before the check-in.

While I was staying here, I looked for a complete hotel that the hotel manager had visited. He explained how the hotel faced difficult times when it was closed and how they are recovering now and how guests are now able to receive an opening.

How to learn new experiences and new experiences for all staff and guests to follow the new standard etc. I stayed in my luxury room exploring this hotel and it was amazing to stay here.


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