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Lynx blitized Seattle to 0-4 – Twin Cities


Lynx played Seattle for the 21st and a half quarters on May 21, and was late in the defensive WNBA Championships.

They had a week off to work on those shortcomings, including Nafesa Collier in the team and continuing their boat as a team before meeting the storm again, this time in Seattle.

A week later, Lynx doesn’t look much better.

They fell to 77-72 – a result that the game is closer to the real thing – to 0-4.

The game was over in half an hour. Seattle overtook Minnesota 31-13 in the second round and finished 22th in the relay.

“It’s one of the saddest nights of my career,” said Lynx coach yl Real Rev. “We have a lot of work to do,” he said.

Lynx scored its last 19 points, but the hurricane hit 10.

Sylvia Fulles was once again effective – finishing with 6 points and 8 rebounds in 20 minutes to go with six rebounds – but it was about Minnesota.

Damis Dantas and Crystal Dangerfield battled 4-1 on the field.

Seattle, on the other hand, got what they wanted at the end of the attack.

Claudio is not there yet

Lynx was not without veteran Laisia ​​Clarendon on Friday.

Reports and coaches and general manager Reev have not yet signed Clarendon technically.

“We live in another world, because you have to go through the process of sailing, so you are not technically signed yet,” said Rev. But Lycia is in Minneapolis, and the voyage is in full swing, and we hope to be able to add them in a few days. Not here in Seattle, but we will play fast after that. ”

Minnesota hosts Connecticut on Sunday. Rev coached Clarence in the US basketball team, but he was delighted to see what Clarence had to say.

“I think our team can use it as a veteran player in the league, he understands how to explore the pick-and-roll game, he has shown leadership skills.” “So we thought it would be important to investigate.”

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