Maher: Beating White Voters Over VA Results Is Not Liberal

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On Friday’s “Real Time” broadcast of HBO, host Bill Maher criticized some of the left-wing backlash to the Virginia gubernatorial election as a contradiction of traditional liberal beliefs, and observed that there is a lot of “splitting” and “a belief that it is you.” You’re either racist or you don’t know you’re racist.”

“I don’t think we’re headed in the right direction on either side,” Maher said when discussing tribalization and polarization in America.

He later added, “After the governor of Virginia – new governor won, MSNBC title It was ‘Glenn Youngkin’s Victory Proves His White Ignorance Is A Powerful Weapon’. I don’t think this helps. I don’t think about some of them – I’m an old-fashioned liberal. I believe in a colorblind society. That’s not the place to wake up, okay. There is too much separation[ing] on. Many of you are either racist or don’t know you are racist.”

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