Majority of LA County businesses comply with COVID-19 vaccine verification, masking requirements

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If you’ve ventured out in public places around Los Angeles County in the past few weeks, you may have had to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine since validation was a COVID-19 vaccine. county requirement earlier this month.

Health inspectors are being stopped by businesses across the country to make sure the new rules are being followed. Officials say that, overall, the majority of businesses are in tune.

Between October 16 and October 22, county health inspectors found 1,008 restaurants, 78 bars, 226 food markets, 26 breweries, wineries or distilleries, 10 nightclubs, 21 lounges, 21 hotels, 35 gyms and fitness centers, 10 hairdressers. or visited the barber. stores, 52 manufacturing facilities, 33 ready-to-wear manufacturing facilities, 22 personal care businesses, 11 office sites and 5 large indoor and outdoor venues.

Investigators found that 73% of clothing manufacturers, 73% of office spaces, 82% of bars, 80% of nightclubs and 86% of lounges are suitable for masking workers, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported. stated. And 85 percent of the sticks were eligible for customer vaccine validations.

“Overall, audits revealed that while the majority of businesses are in compliance, there is room for improvement in employee masking in garment manufacturers, office spaces, bars, nightclubs and lounges, and customer vaccination verifications in bars,” County officials said. newsletter.

Julian Nasserian, a boss who visits different locations around Los Angeles, says that although he is not required to show proof of vaccination every time he goes out, he is asked to show proof on a fairly regular basis.

“I’ve been to a few events, definitely bars and restaurants, and have been asked for my vaccination cards. Most places I’ve been to have asked for it, Nasserian told KTLA.

County health officials said trade compliance is key to helping reduce the transmission of coronavirus transmission, which has had a positive impact on the number of reported cases.

Open. On October 6, a day before vaccine requirements go into effect in LA County, health officials reported 1,479 new coronavirus cases and 31 deaths. Compared to October 25, when those numbers dropped to 379 new cases and 5 deaths.

“Reducing transmission depends on a high level of adherence to existing safety measures,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said on Monday. Said. “I am grateful that the vast majority of businesses continue to follow the reasonable protections in State and County Health Officer Orders that help ensure our collective well-being and economic recovery.”

For businesses that do not comply, the county may issue a notice of violation or citation.

Violation of safety requirements and hazardous conditions can be reported anonymously to Public Health at 888-700-9995 or online. public


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