May 9, 2021


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Make a Cocktail – The New York Times

As flowers celebrate love and admiration, bouquets of flowers go on gifts on Mother’s Day for decades. But this year in your life, mothers should celebrate it with libation.

There is something wonderful about using flowers in the kitchen for food and drink. You can add dried flowers to salt, sugar or syrup and use fresh flowers as a cocktail garnish on homemade biscuits. Organic flowers are available at your local farmers’ market or natural food store as well as online.

Many people have a bag of chamomile tea in the reserve, but chamomile is the most accessible flower. The flower has a sweet, earthy taste and can quickly become a staple in your fridge with beautiful and versatile simple syrup. to go Cooking now For recipes b Make your own syrup, As well as two warm-weather conditions Drink Recipes Included.

This syrup is not only delicious in cocktails or muesli, it is amazingly flavored French toast Or Vanilla ice cream With fresh berries. You can even use it to flavor ice cream.

In an ancient drink, a floral, alcoholic twist, this delicious lime node is the perfect front-porch sipper on a hot afternoon. Chamomile adds some sunlight, and little ones love it too.

This cute-pink liqueur drink is fresh, delicious and delicious. In the spring it celebrates everything you love in a glass, and it tastes good all summer long.

Cassie Winshow is the founder of the blog Tarlet Deco And the author of the second book, Flower Supplies, will be published in March 2022.