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Malta to lead green list review as Portugal in danger


ropen boilThe former director of strategy at IAG, the parent company of British Airways, has predicted that several summer hotspots will be added to the green list today, including popular destinations in the Greek and Spanish islands.

In blog post, Boyle said: “I still think Maltahandjob Finland and Slovakia Quite a safe bet based on high testing rates and fewer reported cases.

“It is still very likely that Spain and Greece will not make it to the green list, many of them” the island will, due to lower case rates and higher vaccination rates than on the mainland.

“There are eight European countries that are more marginal candidates (Czechia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus and Luxembourg). Whether they qualify for green status is the exact threshold used by the UK. and the date cutoff they used for the data supporting the decision.

Boyle also highlights the potential of the United States as a Green List candidate. “case rate” United States of america The decline continues and the latest rate is almost the same as in Portugal. The country should therefore logically be on the green list… However, it seems likely that this will have to wait until the US reopens its borders to UK citizens.


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