Man arrested after man was seriously injured in northern Dunedin

A man was arrested this afternoon after someone was seriously injured on a property in northern Dunedin.

A police spokesperson said emergency services responded this afternoon after a person was injured at a residence on Coast Rd, Karitane.

The police were informed about the incident at 15.20 and one person was taken into custody.

Police are working to determine the circumstances of the incident and no further information is available at this stage.

A St John spokesperson said a critically injured person was being treated at the scene on Coast Rd at 4:30pm.

It was seen that a person on a stretcher was loaded onto the helicopter at the scene around 16:45.

A spokesperson for St John was called to the incident at 3:35 PM.

An ambulance, a rapid response unit, a St John’s manager and a helicopter intervened.

A reporter at the scene said two police cars were found at the cordoned address around 4:30 pm.

Earlier, the police left with a few citizens who looked upset.

A Otago Daily Times The reporter previously witnessed a handcuffed man arrested by SH1 near Waitati.

The man was sitting on the ground in handcuffs and was taken into a police car just after 4 pm by an armed criminal team member.

There were at least 4 police vehicles at the scene.

Said a Beach Road resident ODT They had heard about the incident from their daughter, who had told them to stay inside.

Another resident of the road said they heard a helicopter overhead.

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