Man arrested after shootout with armed police in Auckland | 1 NEWS

A man in the Auckland suburb of Gray Lynn has been arrested after a shootout with police for allegedly using a knife to others.

Police surrounded a property in the Auckland suburb of Gray Lynn. Source: 1 NEWS

Police were summoned to the Great North Road property with armed officers surrounding the house just before 2 pm while negotiations with the man were ongoing.

A spokesperson said the man threatened people.

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A man allegedly threatened people with a gun on Friday afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS

Several officers, many of them armed, could be seen making their way down the side entrance of the house before using a ram to break through the back door.

The police dog team was also spotted at the facility.

Police carry a ram towards a property where an incident occurred in Gray Lynn, Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

The man was later taken out. in front of the property was something that looked like blood on its back.

He was seen sitting on the floor in handcuffs before being taken to the ambulance.

St John confirmed to 1News that one person has been transferred to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition.

After an incident, a series of police cars parked in front of a property on Great North Road in Gray Lynn. Source: 1 NEWS


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