Man blamed for gender reveal burnouts

A Queensland man grunting on a residential street while emitting blue smoke, revealing an unusual gender, lowered himself into hot water.

Police charged the 29-year-old boy after his very loud and public announcement about the sex of an unborn child was caught on camera by a female driver.

The woman filmed the man’s red sedan fishtail pulling down the street as it released a voluminous cloud of bright blue smoke over Logan, south of Brisbane.

Returning to the street, she can be heard saying in a flat, unaffected tone: “That’s right. Gender emerges. It’s a male.”

As the sedan squeaks past, his vehicle is completely engulfed in smoke.

“Yeah, you can’t drive right now,” he muttered.

The event, which took place in September, was observed by a group of people who gathered on the street to take pictures.

Police on Friday announced that they had identified the man and accused him of driving a dangerous vehicle. He will be tried at Beenleigh Magistrates’ Court on 1 December.

Police told the AAP they were unable to confirm whether the man was the father of the unborn child.

The emergence of sex is a relatively new phenomenon. Typically it involves parents bringing family and friends together to reveal their baby’s gender.

Often parents opt for conservative displays such as popping a balloon, dropping pink or blue confetti, or cutting an appropriately colored sponge cake.

But as with anything, some people like to take things to the next level – like the couple who shared footage claiming a wild tiger popped a balloon filled with pink dust on a beach in Dubai.



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