May 9, 2021


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Man City fans show they have kept their word after Pep Guardiola’s victory – Tyron Marshall

Two years ago, Pep Guardiola said his Manchester City The team had to persuade the fans to show their love for the Champions League, the Catalans and the players, a more meaningful trophy.

The 400-meter journey from the training ground to Etihad could be considered complete if it was to end in a constant rain in Manchester to please those players. It was a long-distance love affair at the time, but the Champions League is now part of the city’s legend, with those strong blues saying, “Istanbul, Istanbul.”

Guardiola The club felt that they did not have the same love for this competition because they put you in the position of player and manager because they did not see the potential results. Instead, they should have seen Manchester United and Liverpool Liverpool out of the love of European evenings.

No more. The only sadness for Etihad on Tuesday was the fact that City were left empty-handed on the eve of their Champions League clash. There is something special about the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, the joys and sorrows of 90 minutes or more. It’s unique to practice that at home, but this is the first time you can practice without your fans when it comes to more than remorse.

Thousands of fans will not be able to gather in Istanbul at the end of May. Their first European final in 51 years will take them to the continent in a special way.

But this time – and tonight – is unique in its own right, but it must be just the beginning. City went 10 games to win the Champions League but all they had to do was scar. Unchanging, interesting nature unwanted reminders. The chances of the match, the whistle of the referee, the assassination attempt on the VAR and the early night made all the City fans wonder what was going on in the match and they were wondering if Guardiola would be back. To the end.

He is there again after the last ten years and this should not be the first and last city. They have shown maturity in this competition, exploring the team’s professionalism and refusing to panic against Borussia Dortmund when they are shaken by both legs. He recovered well with PSG as a difficult first quarter.

While they were grateful for the use of VAR in the first six minutes of Etihad, they certainly felt like “Changing”. In those days the thread was evenly spaced and City could definitely start dreaming of a Saturday in Istanbul at the end of May, when the sun would rise.

That will be a blessed change at the start of Tuesday, May, when the weather is as humane as Manchester. Hundreds of city fans gathered to welcome the unforgettable team coach before those players started, and City continued unabated as they lit fireworks and started fireworks on Ashton’s new street. Just a week ago in Paris.

As the coach repeatedly knocked on the door, with the fans around him, the rain turned to ice. There are some weather conditions at the moment and the Champions League semi-finals are a matter of spring, but this is Manchester and no such guarantee can be made.

The PSG started with a squeaky squeak, but it started brightly. They were noisy and determined to appeal to everyone, the way in which Alexander Zinchenko was rewarded with a six-minute free-kick.

Riyadh Mahrez scored the opening goal

The left-back angrily pointed to his shoulder and did the same when he saw the city bench play again. Bigger Coopers quickly entered the VAR screen and quickly changed his mind.

Ederson Ilken exchanged PSG ball with Elka Gundogan while on the field, the goalkeeper went down the stairs before heading out and headed for Zinsenko Street, where he gathered at the edge of the PHS box. His broken back found Kevin de Brune, whose shot was blocked, but Riyadh Mahrez He finished off with his right foot at a short distance.

That goal gave City an important breathing space, but Killian Mbabane, who was only fit for a seat, did not kill PSG. His replacement, Mauro Icardi, was not included in the game, but he had plenty of defenders to make City. After a short corner, Marquinhos hit the bar in the head and the ball was deflected by Angels de Maria as the Blues were handing the ball to Ederson.

In the absence of Mbabane, it was Neymar who brought the war to the city and did not cover up the problem, but from the famous John Stones and Ruben Dias. Their partnership was City’s current history and they should have played such an important role in this second leg. Dias, who was walking behind Andere Herrera behind the cross, was a symbol of unwavering determination.

Manchester City players celebrate the opening goal of Riyadh Mahrez

You have decided that there is no way to go back to PSG. Neymar’s late goal in the second half was joined by defensive tackle Dianas, who was used by his team-mates to beat Stones and Zinchenko to block the shot and score a goal. The strength of that task kept Neymar, Di Maria and Icardi out of the game.

All PSG rumors of this rumor were swift on the shelf, but it was City who released the Parisians just in the afternoon to put Istanbul at a safe distance. De Brune and Phil Foden exchanged passes on the left side, and the City fan joined the line, making Mahrez’s back line finish. Guardiola turned to his chair and punched him, and all 10 foreign players ran to the corner to celebrate with the goalkeeper.

If that was not the end, then Di Maria would have been sent off for a free kick. Since then, City have been playing with PSG, with Foden He is close to achieving his goal. The last whistle was heard on Etihad, with Dias and Stones embracing the first. Stones of the beauty of the city that confirm their arrival in Istanbul.