Man City player ratings make the difference against Chelsea as Rodri and Joao Cancelo – Stuart Brennan

Ederson Surprisingly little to do other than being smart about possession and being on the lookout for meters 7

Kyle Walker Typical powerhouse look, but without the sloppy bugs that have plagued his game lately.

Ruben Dias Strong and determined in the face of Lukaku’s aggression, it’s a battle he and Laporte won.

Aymerik Laporte It was crucial for City to pass defensively as they built well on the left flank.

Joao Cancelo His stormy runs with Grealish and his buildup were crucial to City – and he deserved his dangerous help! 9

Rodri It made a big difference when they shouted “I wish” for their excellence in beating Chelsea and bringing City forward.

Kevin DeBruyne passing and shooting wasn’t normal world class but still contributed 6

Phil Foden asked to play the central offensive role, his gun was down but Chelsea kept their defense busy and fought for everything 7

Gabriel Jesus celebrates his goal against Chelsea.
Gabriel Jesus celebrates his goal against Chelsea.

Gabriel Jesus His run rate made a difference to the City right, but he also posed a threat and caught a striker’s goal 8

Bernardo silva the inexhaustible Portuguese never stopped sticking to the heels and forcing mistakes 7

Jack Grealish Chelsea causing serious problems on the right flank by upshifting after the break 8

Jack Grealish has a drink.
Jack Grealish has a drink.


Riyadh Mahrez

81 for De Bruyne) No time to mark


(for Foden 87) No time to mark

Raheem Pound

(for Grealish 87) No time to mark

Unused: Steffen, Stones, Ake, Lavia, Palmer, Torres


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