May 7, 2021


Your News Buddy

Man parks everywhere in the local store

Someone successfully completed a six-year test to park in each local parking lot. Gareth Will, 39, from Brom, says: “For the past six years, I have listed all the parking lots that I have used in the local supermarket. I finished this week with a magnet! “I don’t want to know if this is a big deal,” he said.

Video convinces fans that Michael Jackson is alive

The conspiracy theory that Michael Jackson is alive has resurfaced after videos of fake Fabio Jackson were circulated on social media. A recording of him dancing to a Queen’s song The other bites the dust He asked interesting comments from the audience. “Omg, are you MJ?” One asked, “Is the King of the Pop alive?” He asked. Another fan said: “No, the plot is true. He is alive. ”

McDonald’s thief told Nuggets very early

When a McDonald’s shop was looted, a man asked for some baskets of chicken, but he was too young to eat breakfast. Rudy Batten said he had a gun and asked for money and access to the safe. He asked for some baskets of chicken before leaving but was told it was still early in the morning and the restaurant was only offering items from the breakfast menu. They were identified by CCTV cameras and handed over to the police later that day.