Man who threw boy out of Tate Modern is now charged with rape in prison showers

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A man threw six year old From the top of the Tate Modern museum, a prisoner is accused of raping an inmate in the showers of his prison.

Jonty Bravery detained police in Belmash prison for the alleged crime.

The alleged victim, who is in her 30s, apparently told a fellow prisoner about the ordeal, who then reported the situation. prison officials.

According to a source, Scotland Yard police arrived at the prison on Thursday and charged Jonty: who was questioned for hours afterwards.

Wild was only 17 when he launched it. french tourist From the 10th floor of a central London art gallery, bleeding brain and broken spine.

Belmarsh prison in London, where the alleged rape took place and where Bravery is serving his sentence
Belmarsh prison in London, where the alleged rape took place and where Bravery is serving his sentence

Bravery was found guilty of the attack that occurred in August 2019 and was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison and life in prison.

The boy’s identity has never been revealed, but his family is making updates as he tries to overcome his life-changing wounds.

Earlier, they described his struggle to walk, eat, and remember. Mirror Online.

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They announced last month that their “little knights” – now eight – have returned to school.

Bravery, who is autistic, told police he planned the art gallery attack to prove he had a mental illness. He also said that he wanted to “be in the news”.

Met Police said of the prison allegations: “A man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of rape and taken to a South London police station. He was released on bail and sent back to prison. The inquiries continue.”

“We are working closely with the police investigation,” a Prison Service spokesperson said.