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Manchester United may be making managerial decision a year in advance – Richard Feu


One topic of conversation for the next few weeks will probably dictate most of the conversation between the two. Manchester united Fan.

Last season was under Ole Gunnar Solskar Really one of progress?

Villarreal’s defeat to La Liga in the Europa League final certainly left a sour taste in the mouth just days after finishing the Premier League campaign unbeaten away from home, but one positive for every positive to balance it out Seems negative.

An important point to clarify is that both ‘progress’ and ‘success’ are very different words. Winning a major European trophy would have been an undeniable piece of progress after three trophyless seasons, but again this does not necessarily equate to success for a club of such magnitude.

Ultimately the decision will come down to the club’s in charge, with signs that Solskjaer has not only shown ‘progress’, but that he has done soon enough to be rewarded with a new deal.

United find themselves in a unique position compared to other clubs. Sure, the Norwegian coach has done well at Old Trafford to bring back the concussion and eventually complete his initial brief of ‘bringing a smile back to the face’, but whether to hurry things up with a new contract this summer Is there any real need for?

Given their past experiences as both a United great and an inexperienced manager, there is really no danger of them being hunted by their rival club, nor is there any special haste to occupy the job that they were supposed to He has dreamed of achieving well. over a decade.

All the cards are in United’s hands this summer – which makes their decision a bit trickier.

While a section of fans will call for a managerial change amid concerns Liverpool, Chelsea and even possibly Tottenham could overtake him next season, United will find stability and move away from a club’s recent reputation. The modern manager who is looking forward to join the joy – go round.

A new contract for Solaskar would be another public demonstration of his confidence as a manager, while such support could also be an important negotiating tool in the summer window when persuading potential new recruits to buy into his long-term vision Is being tried Club.

Alternatively, a new deal could be seen as an unnecessary expense when he still has a year left on his current contract and has yet to unanimously prove his worth as the man who leads United to the top. Can guide you back to

The manner in which Villarreal’s defeat six days ago has once again ignited a debate about Solskjaer’s suitability for the managerial role, with the club now making a major decision regarding its long-term plan.

A new deal would certainly provide clarity before the heat of uncertainty, but it could also be seen as an unnecessarily safe decision at a time when the manager has yet to prove his trophy-winning credentials.


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