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Marlins’ Jesus Aguilar is literally trying to steal scores from full-back D Carson Kelly



We know that speculators can sometimes peek at catcher signals to try to get as much information as possible. It’s just part of baseball, after all. But Jesús Aguilar took it to the next level on Thursday.

With catcher Diamondbacks Carson Kelly reaching first base, Aguilar decides to take a climax in catcher signals – by hoisting the cheat sheet on Kelly’s wrist.

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Kelly replies in astonishment, “What are you doing, man?”

Kelly’s refusal to Aguilar with a peek results in a cheerful reaction from Aguilar, looking like a child caught with his hand in a biscuit jar before breakfast.

Aguilar is one of the funnest characters in baseball, so there’s nothing to read here. But it isn’t the first time Aguilar has attempted to steal the tags. About a month ago, Aguilar stole an index card straight from Dom Smith’s back pocket during a match against Mets – presumably the defensive positioning card that players carry with them on the field.

Marlins would go on to win the match 5-1.

If Aguilar continues this, he might be able to score a role in the “Ocean’s 11” reboot.

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