May 9, 2021


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Martin Compston of Line Of Duty speaks after the Six Final series left some viewers disappointed

Line Of Duty star Martin Compston has spoken after many fans were disappointed with the end of the police drama.

Martin, who plays Steve Arnott on the BBC series, shared his “relief” after the sixth series ended on Sunday night and addressed the fact that some viewers did not get the ending they had hoped for.

The actor also stood firm on whether Line Of Duty would return for a seventh series after the split of the conclusion, which was seen by a record 12.8 million viewers.


Martin Compston with Steve Arnott in Line Of Duty

Martin wrote on Instagram: “Hey, folks, now the madness is ending slightly, I just want to thank everyone who came last night and the series in general, we were really impressed by the reaction and love for the program we have we are proud of.

“We fully understand that it was not an urgent type of departure that ended in advance, but we are grateful that you keep us with us.

“I felt a lot of emotions, from the excitement and anxiety about the hype to the relief that is over. Now I just feel immense pride that our program that started on Wednesdays on BBC2 had just shattered all records dramatic overnight since they started.

Martin then revealed that he would team up with his co-star Vicky McClure and showrunner Jed Mercury to get matching tattoos to commemorate the record qualifications.

“Finally, myself, Vicky, Adrian and Jed came to an agreement on the inconceivable and ridiculous stage that we always got twelve million viewers and would get‘ 12 million AC ’tattoos,” he wrote. “We’ll see who’s good with his word …”

It looks like Vicky was already on board getting the ink, after retweeting Martin’s message before adding, “We’re so grateful to all of you. I hope I’ll have the ink to prove it!”

Creator Jed also offered his own thanks to the fans, but also kept the mother in knowing if Line Of Duty would return for the seventh series.

“We are honored and flattered by the # LineofDuty6 display figures,” Jed tweeted.

“We knew that trying to explore the real nature of corruption in our society would not please everyone, but we sincerely thank everyone who saw it. It has been our privilege to share your Sunday nights. ”

The end of season 6 of Line Of Duty was a disappointment to some fans, with a rating of only five out of 10 IMDb.

One of the most controversial aspects of the ending was the revelation that DSU Ian Buckells was the “fourth man” behind “H” all the time. Lots of viewers felt frustrated that they would only capture him because of his repeated misspelling of the word “definitely”.

And while the ending tied many unresolved plots, there were still some plot holes open and the plots left unanswered, making many fans believe that there will be a seventh series.

BBC content director Charlotte Moore said on Monday about a seventh season: “Addictive event television, Line Of Duty has kept the nation guessing for the past seven weeks, so it’s no wonder the end of fall of jaws last night set a record for grades …

“Jed Mercurio is a master of his craft and I would like to congratulate him and the entire cast and crew for presenting an incredible drama series …

“I’m looking forward to having a conversation with the team about where we’re going next and what the future of the series might be.”

The six series Of Line Of Duty are now available to play on the BBC iPlayer.