Marvel Venom Poison Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive Ass on Pre-Order

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The latest Marvel Funko Pop exclusively comes straight from the pages of 2017 Venomverse Comic book story arc by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello. It concerns Venom Hosts from the multiverse take over the poisons – creatures that feed on a symbiot and its host. Spider-Man Victims of the Poisons Fall, and this is where the inspiration for Funko’s new Venomized Pop figure lies

The Poison Spider-Man Funko Pop Features the white armored look of Poison Victim. If you’ve been lucky, you’ll get the Glow-in-the-Dark Chase version of Poison Spider-Man Funko Pop at random. You can roll the dice here on Entertainment Earth, who have the exclusive on this pop figure price pa $ 14.99. It is set for release in January.

Note that Venomverse’s Poison Spider-Man is sometimes confused with the Poison / Spider-Man character that was portrayed in 2006. What if? Spider-Man The Other Story by Peter David and Khoi Pham. This version was dressed in black and permanently bound with Peter Parker. Peter’s personality is completely erased after the bond – which makes him particularly dangerous.

The Poison Spider-Man Funko Pop is tied to one Wave of venomized figures that debuted in 2019. The wave includes Daredevil, Rocket Raccoon, Storm, X-23, Groot, and Thanos. You can watch the 2017 Venomverse Comic Series here at Comixology.


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