Marvel wants fans to forget Magneto’s darkest secret

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Magneto, a Jew, was forced by Marvel to work alongside Red Skull, a Nazi – but after angry fanfare, he finally got his revenge.

the Marvel Magnet is one of the most compelling badges ever produced by the company; as an ever-present opponent of Professor X and the X-Men, Magneto is a champion of mutant rights around the world. His backstory as a Holocaust survivor shaped him into the man he eventually became, and shaped his worldview. However, there was a time when Magneto worked alongside no one other than you Red skull, Enemy of Captain America and a Nazi with maps – and Marvel did their best to make sure readers forgot the whole thing.

In the beginning, Magneto was simply an evil man who believed that mutants were better than humans, and thus fought against the X-Men to stand in his way. Though formidable, Magneto would not get his backstory until Chris Claremont took over the title in the ’70s. In the Uncanny X-Men # 150, Magneto was confirmed as Jewish – and a survivor of Auschwitz, one of the most horrific of Hitler’s concentration camp. With the tomb of the Holocaust fresh in your head, one would think that Magneto would rather join each other before sitting at a table with a Nazi like the Red Skull – and yet this is exactly what happened at the Marvel Crossover event Acts of Vengeance.


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In the Acts of the Vengeance, Loki (disguised as an ordinary human, even if he drops the act quickly) collects various powerful evils from different corners of the Marvel universe with the intention of destroying the Avengers once and for all. Kingpin, Doctor Doom, Magneto, the Wingless Wizard, and the Red Skull all respond to Loki’s call, who plans to develop a mass eruption of little villains to defeat the Avengers and eventually lead to their downfall. The bad guys are still arguing with each other – as bad guys used to do – nevertheless, the Red Skull did (among which were taught by Hitler himself), Magneto nach work with him … in the beginning.

Fan outrage about the fact that Magneto would even stand in the same Room as the Red Skull, alone teaming up with him, eventually led to the events Captain America # 367, written by Mark Gruenwald (who, despite the past at the young age of 43, wrote more problems of Captain America like every other writer in the story). Magneto grabs the red skull and throws it into a bunker with only a small amount of water and no food. The magneto seals the bunker, fully equipped to starve the red skull to death. “I want you to suffer as you have experienced others. I want you to wish I killed you. “

Unfortunately, the Red Skull would be rescued by crossbones and live to fight again, but that one in a moment Captain America # 367 apparently releasing Magneto team-up moments Acts of Vengeance. Magneto left the ruins in the hands of the Nazis; for him, to work with a Nazi is to shake hands with the devil. Magnet is a fascinating evil for he sees himself not as one, but rather as a freedom fighter, crusader, and champion of the mutant child – and those who stand for hatred and bigotry like the Red skull are not even worth a quick death.

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