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Marvels Eternals: Meet Ikaris, played by Richard Madden


latest trailer for The Eternal finally gives us a much-awaited sneak peek Richard Madden’s dreamy Ikaris. While there’s only so much we can get from the two-minute preview, we learn that the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Icaris has adored Cersei (Gemma Chan) the entire time and thinks he can lead the Avengers. So what else do we know about Icaris? Keep reading for more background about him divine powers And Origins in Marvel Comics.

So far, the movie version of Ikaris has been Billed as Eternal’s Strategic Leader As well as their strongest asset when they fight against their enemies, the goddesses. According to ComicBook.com, he uses “incredible power, flight, and the ability to project beams of intense cosmic energy from his eyes.” The comic iteration of Icaris boasts similar goodies. Like his fellow Eternals, who are essentially extraterrestrial alien immortals created by celestial extraterrestrials, Icaris can harness cosmic energy and control its molecular structure, making him immune to disease, aging and extreme temperatures. He is also said to be the fastest flier of all the Eternals and can manifest the Blue Flame, an energy that allows him to reshape the physical forms of the Eternal, humans and gods, into a physical entity called the Uni-Mind. gives.

Icaris formerly lived in a city called Polaria, where the Polar Eternal lived. Eternal of the third generation, he was born roughly 20,000 years ago. He has been known to guide a group of refugees on an ark to find safety (yes, as in the story of Noah’s Ark) and to fight gods and goddesses over the centuries. he is even had a son with a human womanHowever, his son did not inherit his powers. His son, also named Icaris, built a flying device to find the elder Icaris, but he flew too close to the sun, which burned his contraption and threw him into the sea. If this sounds familiar, it will remind you of the Greek myth of Icarus, the man who flew very close to the Sun.

Suffice to say, the MCU can dig up a lot of backstories for Madden’s Ikaris – it will be exciting to see how his character unfolds on the big screen!

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