Marvel’s new comics are exclusive to Marvel Unlimited, but are they good?

Astonish has unveiled an updated version of its Marvel Unlimited service on Thursday, complete with the launch of a new line of digital comics Astonish Characters in a webcomic-esque vertical scrolling Format. Promise about 100 such releases before the end of the year, the so-called Marvel’s Infinity Comics marks the company’s latest attempt to break into the digital and webcomics markets – something it has struggled with in the past.

Anyone remember the 2018 Marvel Digital Originals program, or 2012’s Marvel Infinite Comics? Yes, I did not think so. Nevertheless, Infinity Comics represents one of Marvel’s biggest online pushes to date. But if there is much to be said for the promise of the format and the platform, what about the comics themselves? Are they, you know, actually good?

Who makes Marvel’s Infinity Comics?

With 27 issues of multiple series released at launch, there is understandably a wealth of creative talent to Infinity Comics. The highest profile creators are possibly the team behind X-Men Unlimited- Jonathan Hickman in the Return of Wolverine Artists Declan Schalvey – but include other creators on various titles Alyssa Wong, Gerry Duggan, Skottie Young, Gurihiru, Mark Russell in the Jay and Miles X-Plain of X-Men Co-Host Jay Edidin. There are a lot of talented people at these comics.

What are Marvel’s Infinity Comics about?

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Declan Shalvey / Marvel Comics

Judgment after the starting lineup- X-Men Unlimited, Giant-Size Little Marvels, Captain America, It’s Jeff, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, a revival of the early 2000s romance Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and a preview of the upcoming print series Amazing fantasy -it’s clear that Marvel sees these titles as introductions for new readers to get into the Marvel comic output, mixing characters and titles that are currently garnering MCU attention with some evergreen favorites and titles featuring Marvel concepts and webcomic-friendly genres turn out. (It’s Jeff is, of all things, a quiet humor comic featuring baby sharks West Coast Avengers in the Deadpool.)

Even though each of the series has its own storylines and tones, it’s obvious that the line as a whole does everything to make Marvel look more attractive to fans who have not already read Marvel Comics. And if the only way to read these new comics involves signing up for a subscription service that offers 27,000+ Marvel comics, that’s not necessarily the worst idea.

Why is Marvel’s Infinity Comics happening now?

The timing of the start is curious. While it seems on the surface that the new iteration of Marvel Unlimited, complete with Infinity Comics, has gone down as it was, one day it arrived the debut of Wayne Family Adventures, the first in a series of collaborations between DC and Webtoon announced in August. For that matter, Marvel announces on the heels of DC building its own digital comics program with new content available exclusively on its own subscription service DC Universe Infinite – suggesting that Marvel has drawn attention to its Distinguished competition in recent months.

Due to the fact that Infinity Comics avoids the traditional digital comics page for the vertical scroll format popularized by incredibly successful webcomic platform Webtoon, it is possible that Marvel and its parent company Disney are also looking to attract an established comic audience that has so far stayed away is the friendly neighborhood of the Spider-Man Webtoon more than 15 million readers daily, a number that significantly ruined Marvel’s own fanbase in terms of its comic output.

Is there a required reading?

As introductory comics, each of the Infinity Comics titles are pretty much plug-and-play, as long as you are willing to go over some details and go with the flow. (If you are not already familiar with the majority of the characters in these comics, good luck, because they are not really introduced per se in any of the themes so far – but at the same time if you are not familiar with Captain America, Wolverine, or even Shang-Chi, why are you reading something about Marvel Unlimited?) The only place where this is not the case is the fifth edition Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Series, which specifically refers to the 2005 printed comic series of the same name, and connects. Fortunately, you can find the back issues elsewhere on Marvel Unlimited. Kuckt, et works!

Are Marvel’s Infinity Comics good?

Mary Jane Makes Goo Goo Eyes in a News Show on Spider-Man in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2021).

Image: Sean McKeever, Takeshi Miyazawa / Marvel Comics

The first wave of Infinity Comics is a mixed bag, coming from the deep end – Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru It’s Jeff is a great pleasure, and I hope it runs for a long time – to confusion. (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, why are you here? This series ended more than a decade ago!) For the most part, they are … OK. Only a few of them really benefit from the vertical scroll format, and of the two, one – Hi, X-Men Unlimited – runs the idea into the ground, takes it from the novel to record in record time. Yes, yes, we get it; You can now have really high images, which is great. Now away to make something with those high images that don’t “Wolverine climbs or something falls for a while.” (No, an extended back and forth where Wolverine sticks the same guy does not count.)

As can be expected from creators working in a new format, there are knicks that clearly need to be worked out; the pace of almost any subject feels slow, with very little actual happened, despite the time it takes to scroll through it all. Similarly, there are clear problems with the mechanics of scrolling and spacing to be worked out on the visual side, with almost full screens worth almost empty space between scenes at times.

One would hope that Marvel’s Infinity Comics would launch fully formed, with each issue a gem that would show the potential of both Marvel characters and the ability of the creators to show off the so-called “infinite screen” of a vertical font — and I ‘I’m sure many at Marvel shared that hope. But the reality is a bit disappointing. (Except It’s Jeff, which is really pretty perfect from the start.) What there assis a strong start, however, which says that if Marvel sticks with the program, there’s a potential for a great job down the line – once everyone has figured out how to make it all work.

A panel that climbed

Some Avengers and friends look adorant in their costume-themed swimwear as Jeff, a beautiful baby bunny with legs, makes an adorable four-legged march to the side of the pool with a snorkel / glasses on his forehead, flippers on his back paws, and an inner tube around his waist in It's Jeff!

Image: Kelly Thompson, Gurihiru / Marvel Comics

Really, it’s all about Jeff.

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