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Marvin Gaye has released a new video, “What’s Happening?”


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  • Marvin Gay has released a new video of her death what’s going on.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the immortal soul mate Marvin Gay what’s going on.

2007 Metro Times He voted on the title track No. 1 Our list of “100 Great Detroit Songs” And last year, Gaye’s 1971 masterpiece reached its climax Rolling stoneList of “500 Greatest Albums”

To celebrate the year, he has released a new lyrics video for the title track featuring the art of the late animator Tim Fox. She was also released Eight brand-new fake-videos For different tracks on the album, each is animated by a different artist.

Berry Gordy, the deceased’s founder, initially refused to give up the title of “What’s Happening” because he called it “the worst thing I’ve ever heard.” But Gordi regretted that Gaye had threatened to strike on his heels. When the song finally hit the airwaves, it rose to the top of the charts.

Last week we were at the Moten Museum with musician Diina Hartwick to recall her memories of recording the album with Gaye and composer David Vandy Pitte.

Hartwick played the flute what’s going on, She started playing professionally when she was 9 years old. As a teenager, she remembers her first visit to Studio A in the mid-1960’s. “My father brought me here,” she said, “and I had a torn knee. I took my three Funk brothers, Joe Messina, James James, and Robert White.

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Dina Hartwick, who played the flute in Marvin Gaye's album Going On

  • Dave Mesrei
  • Dina Hartwick, who played the flute on Marvin Gaye’s classic album “Going On”, will be arraigned on Friday, May 21 at the Motor Museum in Studio A.

Hartwick, who plays “Standing in the Shadow of Love” on all four episodes, “My Cherry Amur” on Stevie Wonder and “The Whole World Is Over” by David Ruffin on Friday in a shocking silence, listening to Gaye’s lone speech at the 50th anniversary celebration of Motto Studio Studio A. Two-part voices on “What’s going on.”

“Just a wonderful song by a wonderful person,” she said.

Fifty years later, the song and the album sound better than ever, but sadly, Gaye’s words are still true.

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