Matt DiBenedetto is back

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After deactivating his Twitter account, NASCAR Cup Series driver Matt DiBenedetto has returned to the platform ahead of the 2021 season finale.

After quoting a tweet from Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass that Kyle Busch should complete sensitivity training before the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season, Matt DiBenedetto deactivated his Twitter account.

DiBenedetto, who later wrote on his Instagram story that he was “trying to bring light-hearted humor to our crazy world,” made the following remark.

This led to widespread criticism from fans who took his message to be particularly careful about what is being said these days, to mean that he minimizes the need for Busch to undergo this training after using a word, he used in an interview after the race. after last Sunday afternoon race at Martinsville Speedway.

And, as he later said, the criticism he received did nothing but prove his point.

Moments later, DiBenedetto deactivated his Twitter account.

This whole scenario unfolded interestingly after he recently stated that he wants to find a team for 2022 that will allow him to be himself and talk about topics like religion and patriotism that he strongly believes in. He added that he does not want to be censored.

But after a few days away from social media, Matty D is back, as you can see, the above tweets are available again.

And an uncensored DiBenedetto made sure to hit us with a “Let’s go Brandon” before qualifying for this afternoon’s season finale at Phoenix Raceway.

This race is set to be DiBenedetto’s last race with Wood Brothers Racing, as he is set to be replaced by Harrison Burton behind the wheel of the # 21 Ford in the 2022 season after spending the last two seasons with the team.

Listen to NBC at 15.00 ET this afternoon for the live broadcast of the 2021 season finale from Phoenix Raceway, and Be sure to start your free trial of FuboTV today!