May 9, 2021


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Matt Smith House of the Dragon Set Photos

Matt Smith has been identified in the set photo from the beginning Game of Thrones Spin of series, Dragon House, As such production begins.

Interest though Game of Thrones Apparently died after the split of the whole series ended, HBO continues to move forward with several spin-off shows to maintain the show’s popularity so far, three more shows are being developed by the network that will explore different characters and stories across all Westaros. But the first spin off, House of Dragons, Filming has recently begun and the set of photos has given us a new look at the Targaryen characters of Matt Smith and Emma D’RC.

HBO recently confirmed the matter House of Dragons The production started by sharing photos behind the scenes of the entire cast at the table read for the series. But now the set photos have been published on Twitter by Matt Smith’s Damon Targaryen and his niece / wife Rahenayara Targaryen, starring Emma D’RC In the photos, the two can be seen playing the signature white hair of the Taracharin family while they are standing and talking on the beach. Take a look Game of Thrones Spin-off below

Do you like Matt Smith’s clothes? Are you excited to see? House of Dragons? What do you think the series will explore after finally coming to HBO? The comments below are harmful!

Here is the summary Game of Thrones Spin of series:

Based on the book by George R. R. Martin Fire and blood, This series will tell the story of House Targaryen (aka House that gave us Dragons of the Drainage Targaryen) and will take place 300 years before its events take Game of Thrones.

Miguel Sapochnik will be the shorner with Martin and Ryan Condall. House of Dragons Matt Smith, Olivia Cook, Emma D’Arsi, and Paddy Considine, Rice Ifance, Steve Toussaint, Eve Eve Best, and Sonoya Mizuno stars

All episodes Game of Thrones Available for streaming on HBO Max. Stay tuned to Hirick Hollywood for more information on Matt Smith House of Dragons And don’t forget to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood YouTube channel For more content!

Source: Twitter