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Matthew Perry split from fiancé Molly Hurwitz a few days after the Friends reunion aired. Ants and Arts News


Matthew Perry has split from his fiancée Molly Hurwitz, days after the Friends reunion hit the world over.

Perry, 51, who played Chandler Bingo 90s sitcom, was dating a 29-year-old literary agent since 2018 engaged last november.

However, he revealed in a statement to People magazine that the pair had recently split.

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Friends reunion: Why is the show so loved?

“Sometimes things don’t work out, and this is one of them,” he said.

“I wish Molly the best.”

At the time of their engagement, he had told the same magazine: “Luckily, I was dating the greatest woman on the planet at the moment.”

Perry has dated actresses Lizzy Caplan and Julia Roberts in the past, but they never married.

News of the split comes days after the much-anticipated Friends reunion, where Perry joined her fellow stars in reminiscing about the hit show.

during the special Perry admitted that he used to Panic when she didn’t get the laugh she needed.

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Speaking about performing in front of a live audience, he said he felt like he was “going to die if they don’t laugh”, which was “not healthy, of course”.

He said that people would “sweat” and “pass out” when they didn’t laugh, adding that he “feels the same way every night”.

To record the show, the cast reunited on the original soundstage in Burbank, California, with James Corden facing a live audience reunion.

You can stream Friends: The Reunion on Sky and Now

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