McDonald’s McPlant Burger Splits Our Vegetable Taste Testers

We finally have Adele’s first new song in years. But that’s not the only launch this week starving Twitter even more.

McDonald’s new McPlant burger has reached 250 locations across the country after a test run in Canada and 13 restaurants in the UK in September.

The fast food outlet says it’s McPlant’s first plant-based burger, and at least in the UK and Ireland. vegan by the Vegetarian Society.

The impressive stack of burgers is built around a plant-based meatloaf from Beyond Meat, a slice of cheese made from pea protein, a new vegan sauce, and Maccies’ mix of mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Oh, and a vegan sesame bun.

The HuffPost team was clearly eager to taste-test this much-launched product. But before we checked – and McDonald’s confirmed it – it’s also prepared in a vegan-friendly way.

“The meat is cooked on a separate grill and used with separate tongs to prevent cross-contamination with meat and dairy products,” a spokesperson said, adding that the potatoes supplied are vegan because they are not made from just potatoes. obvs!” – but only because they are cooked with sunflower and rapeseed oil in special containers, separately from any animal products.

McDonald’s said it plans to make the McPlant available nationwide by January. Meanwhile, four (mostly) vegetables from the newsroom stuck with us downstairs to make up their minds.


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