Megan Potthast Talks Make $ 1ka Day Sale Feet Photos At 90 Days Bares All

Last month we all looked like in horror Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast fought.

The bitter moment of violence continues 90 Days Engaged: Always happy? separated the Potthast family.

Charlie is on his way with his whole family. So is his wife, Megan, who has not even been to Tell All.

While Megan relaxed alone in the hotel during the Tell All movies, she was busy … Feet selling photos.

Megan Potthast on 90 Day: Bares All

Op 90 Day: Bares All, Elizabeth’s sister-in-law Megan flashes her soul.

Wait, sorry, her only.

But she only shines her feet for paying buyers, as she explains to Shaun Robinson.

Potthasts at 90 Day: Bares All

“Megan, we mentioned Tell All,” Shaun began delicately.

“Jenn came to us at Tell All. Becky decided not to,” she noted. “You were not there, but you are in New York.”

Shaun set the stage: “During Tell All, you were staying at your hotel. I understand you’re doing a little side business.”

Megan Potthast discusses footwear on 90 Day: Bares All

“I actually sold footage,” Megan revealed with a restless smile.

The show changed into a series of examples contained in the video.

If feet are your thing, more power for you, live your truth, and please enjoy the included clip on your heart content.

Charlie Potthast says Andrei benefits from Chuck

“I get requests for different pictures,” Megan explains of how this business works.

“And I sell them,” she continued, “and I earn money.”

Although she later went into great detail about what kind of photos – some with shoes, others dirty – Shaun had a more pressing question.

Megan Potthast points the finger at 90 Day: Bares All

“How did you get into this?” Shaun asked.

In response to this, Megan shakes her head and literally points her finger at the couch — where her three sisters-in-law are sitting.

“Actually, the girls,” Megan replies. “Yes.”

Becky Potthast Objects in 90 Days: Bares All

“All three of them?” Shaun asks, looking for clarification.

“Many months ahead of me, by the way,” Megan adds.

“So they can call me dirt anything they want,” she continues, “but they started it before me.”

Elizabeth Potthast vs. Megan Potthast screaming insults

“Let me just clarify,” Becky announced, “I have never in my entire life taken a photo of my foot or feet and sent it to a random person, in my life.”

“So never say that again,” she tells Megan, “because that’s wrong.”

“And I’ll beat the king with a lawsuit,” Becky threatened.

Elizabeth Potthast meets sisters Jenn and Becky

Megan defends her choice to sell foot photos, noting that she never imagined it could be so lucrative.

She does not need to defend herself for this or any other kind of sex work.

Sex work is work and it is valid. This is her own body – she can share photos of it whenever she wants.

Charlie Potthast and Megan Potthast yell at Chuck

There is a lot of name calling and general weirdness that comes after that.

Clearly, the main point of contention is not Megan’s harmless choice to sell photos of her feet – or her tits.

The questions in the game relate to Megan and Charlie’s actions that broke the family.

The Becky Potthast causes problems carefully

Not everything is about Megan or Charlie though. The problems run deeper than that.

In the same interview on Discovery Plus, Becky revealed that she’s been out of the family business since the Maryland trip.

Her father no longer talks to her about work. He goes to Andrei for everything. Something has to change.

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