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meme stock madness part two


Last week was pretty incredible. What started as a slow week turned into utter madness by Thursday.

For me, it was not a big trading week. But for students who have mastered my 7-Step Framework and adapted it to meme stock, it was wild.

Keep reading to learn more about Mem Stock Madness Part Deux. First of all, please read and share this important message…

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Let’s talk trading. Just when it felt like we were headed for a summer slump, we got another taste of it summer business madness

meme stock madness part two

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Meme stocks had another wild ride last week. My premarket video lesson on June 2nd. was focused on How to trade the current market environment. I told the students to be thankful there were no crazy runners because it gives them more time to study.

Then AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) went absolutely insane, closing up 95% that day.

AMC’s comeback began in the last week of May when Chinese conglomerate Wanda sold a majority of its stake. Add to the equation a successful weekend at the box office…

Free Popcorn for Shareholders And…

short seller Those who love pain and…

what do you get? sky high instability.

Other meme stocks such as GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) and Kos Corporation (NASDAQ: KOSS) followed suit.

Many top students relied on the volatility of AMC. *Especially on Thursday mornings. Check it out…

And that’s just a few. Kyle Williams Also reported on their new best day and best week. See Kyle’s Profit.ly Profit Chart Here. Jack Kellogg One reported $400,000 days after the other.* (Yeah, you read that right.) See Jack’s Profitably Profit Chart Here.

Those numbers are just crazy. I Never $400,000 was the day. I don’t like the risk involved. But Jack’s greatness comes from his willingness to push. He’s super-competitive, like Tim Gritani. They want to be better traders every day. I respect it.

My Thoughts on Meme Stocks

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Some students have asked why I am not trading these stocks. To me, even though AMC followed me 7-Step Framework Very cool, it does choppy business. Choppy, high-priced stocks are high stress. I don’t need it. but it ain’t good for anyone small account.

The way these meme stocks are trading with the big chat room pump and call diamond handhandjob It won’t end well. There is a lot of manipulation going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if seconds Gets involved sooner or later.

He said, I am watching very closely. Why? Because to me, it makes sense…

study anything that can grow parabolically

I’ll give you an example. Last week we started a new course on trading Pokémon cards. This may sound strange, and many students laughed when I told them.

I thought it was funny before. But when Behman “Beamer” Zakari explained this to me and told me how much he earned, I couldn’t listen.

If I were just starting out…

I will read anything that can grow parabolically. If you have a small account, you needed Focus on the most shaky marks. So while AMC was the biggest story on Wall Street, I didn’t have the edge. That means I don’t care much about it.

But altcoin, crypto, and pokemon cards…

I will always trade and teach penny stocks. (Brand new to penny stocks? see my Free Penny Stock Guide.) But I am open to new ideas. Novices should test many different things. I personally have now invested $100,000 in Pokemon cards. My goal is to build a new school with profits. (I will donate 100% of my profits to charity.)*

Well… the Pokemon course is like a bootcamp. This is all the basics. Check it out here. I encourage all my students to take the course. This will help you understand parabolic spikes in sectors other than penny stocks. The psychology of bubbles and parabolic moves applied to stocks, trading cards, crypto – what you say.

Mindset, Strategy, Dedication and Perseverance

Last week’s meme stock madness also took over two New students of seven marks in a day.* I have a special blog post coming up. For now, please congratulate these two top traders in the comments below this post.

Roy and Brock have been in the trading challenge for years. So recognize that this is not a get rich quick plan. This is a marathon. it need right mindset. Then you have to work on your strategy with dedication and perseverance.

Like I said, it was an amazing week. Come on now…

Trading mentor: questions from students

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This very important question came up in my important Trading Challenge Webinar Last week. Keep reading to understand why the PDT rule is more than just a number…

“I have $20,000 in my account. I’m debating adding more to keep me above the PDT. I’m on the fence because I don’t want to overtrade. Currently, I find myself wanting to hold on when I shouldn’t because I know I can’t have access to cash for two days if I sell. idea?”

Never add money to your account to exit the PDT rule. It is much better to earn than to get out of it.

PDT Rules It’s like a prison. The question is, do you deserve to be free? And for most people the answer is no.

That prison is not there to save the world from you. it is to protect you by yourself. If you are subject to PDT, there is a very good chance that you may not have the ability to manage much money. You don’t have the expertise, strategy, process or discipline.

watchlist banner

So while most people complain about PDT, they don’t realize it’s actually helping them. You don’t want to break out of a prison built to help you.

I know it’s no fun living under PDT rule in that jail. but if you can tanning Your way out of this, you prove that you deserve to be out.

If I had $20,000 in my account, I would try to get $30,000 or $40,000. After proving that I can get out of PDT jail, then i will consider adding. not before.

If you add up before you get out — and you don’t earn your way out of jail — you’re likely to lose more money. Why? because you will be free without any safeguards and not enough expertise.

I know it’s the opposite. I got it. Get out of PDT Jail. thank you later

Let’s take a look at last Friday’s business…

business review

This business started with another StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat Alert.** But this time instead of breaking news analysts, alert has come. chat room User Wolf…

Undersea Recovery Corp (OTCPK: UNDR)

UnderSea is in the deep water search and recovery business.

On June 3, the company won judgment for breach of contract. The stock soared almost immediately. I got alert stockstotrade Breaking news chat at 3:15 p.m. Eastern.

Here is the UNDR chart for June 3-4 with alerts as well as my trade alerts. (Note: UNDR has traded very rarely recently zero business volume June 3 at 2:05 pm Eastern until 34 minutes after the default decision was given. The chart below starts from the time of the first recorded trades on June 3rd at 2.39pm)

UNDR Penny Stock Chart
UNDR Chart: June 3-4, STT Breaking News Chat, Buy Morning Panic Dip — Courtesy of StocksToTrade.com | *Past performance does not indicate future returns.

As you can see, the stock closed strongly on June 3. Then it accelerated and there was a beautiful morning panic. (Long red candle and big red volume spike was the first minute of trading on June 4.)

I like it buy dip morning rush. And it’s even better when news trigger Nice and it just escalated. I added because the court ruling is a huge dollar win for the company ($10 million in damages, plus interest, plus court costs). And it looked like it was consolidating.

When it met my goals, I was out. It turned out to be a solid 32% win for $2,023 In profit.* I will never complain about this kind of trading. Once again, thanks to StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat for looking into the rumours. And also to find the link of the court’s decision.

If the company issues a press release, it can grow again. I will see

Crorepati Mentor Market Wrap

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This is another update in the books. Last week was the start of summer trading but there were a lot of volatility and opportunities. Especially in meme stocks.

But the traders who did the best had made careful preparations. I don’t mean to spend time just making watchlist. (Send my no-cost watchlist to your inbox every week when you register here.) that’s not enough. Every trader mentioned in this post has been studying and trading for many years.

They have all put countless hours into their education as members of the Trading Challenge. They have honed their strategy and learned lend themselves to the market. And, they are all still trying to be better traders.

If you have passion, dedication and discipline then…

Apply today for the Trading Challenge

Please congratulate Roy, Brock and all the other traders who took advantage of the meme stock moves last week. Comment below – I love hearing from all my readers!


*The trading results of Jack, Kyle, Dan, Brock and Tim are not exclusive and do not reflect the experience of most individuals in the Trading Challenge. From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, specific users of the products and services offered by this website reported earning an average of $49.91 in profit. This data is derived from tracking user accounts on Profit.ly, a trading community platform. Timothy Sykes has a minority shareholder interest in the platform.

**Tim Sykes is a minority stakeholder in StocksToTrade.com. StocksToTrade is an add-on subscription to the breaking news chat platform.

*While Tim Sykes has enjoyed remarkable success trading stocks over the years, amassing over $7 million in trading profits between 1999 and 2021, his primary income being the financial education offered by various businesses and websites. Received from the sale of products and subscription services. in which he has ownership.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of knews.uk and knews.uk does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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