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Met Police officer, 29, admits hiding ‘money box’ for bent copper husband

Shareen Kashif, 29, admitted that she knew her husband, who is also a cop, was involved in organized crime in a Line of Duty-style conspiracy after he was jailed for seizing at least £850,000 in drug money.

Explorer Mahmud
Infamous Met cop Kashif Mahmood jailed

A corrupt Met officer has admitted to hiding a ‘money box’ for her bent copper husband when her home is raided by police.

Shareen Kashif, 29, of the Middle East Command, admitted that she knew her husband, who is also a Met officer, was involved in an organized crime syndicate.

Kashif Mahmood was sentenced to eight years in prison for confiscating at least £850,000 in drug money in May.

In August, he was found guilty of conspiracy to acquire criminal property and abuse of office in a public office.

Mahmood seems to be doing his job as he confiscates money while in uniform and traveling in marked and unmarked police cars.

His wife admitted to concealing criminal property at Southwark Crown Court today.

Cop Shareen Kashif, who appeared at Southwark Crown Court, suspended from the Met

Money seized in the investigation into the incident

The court heard that it was unclear how much cash was in the box when it was hidden during the raid in April last year.

Another change falling under a money laundering arrangement was ordered to file.

Prosecutor Tom Williams said it would be difficult to prove that this ruling allowed Khashif’s husband to use two bank accounts under his own name to launder money.

Mr Williams said: “He, an on-duty police officer, thought it was worth the risk of hiding the box when the police arrived.

Ms. Kashif’s police officer husband jailed

“There must be a substantial amount in it, or it wouldn’t be a risk worth taking. He knew it was money and now he admits it – something he didn’t admit in the interview.

“Realistically, if there was a box that could be transported and successfully concealed . . . it looks like it wouldn’t cost more than £100,000.”

Advocate Allan Compton QC said Kashif is the sole caregiver for her two-year-old daughter, whom she now shares with her incarcerated husband.

“She knew it was a box, she carried it at her husband’s request when the police raided the building at 2:40 am and admitted that it did not contain a few coins or several hundred pounds.

“It’s not a big box. It’s likely that the focus of the sentence will be where the sentence should be postponed, not whether the detention threshold has been exceeded.”

Kashif of Harlow, Essex, was released on bail on the condition that he live at his address.

The police officer was dismissed following his arrest in July last year.

The hearing was adjourned to October 27 for the preparation of the preliminary investigation report.

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