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Miami-based Jibby Coffee makes cold brew with CBD



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After a year filled with little reasons to head out the door in a frenzy, many of us may have turned to our relationship with coffee and the caffeine jitters.

In 2020, James Reina, 25, and Alvaro Ortega, 23, used their pandemic-induced downtime to create a new coffee product that would offer more than your average cup. The pair both received fellowship from Andrew Yang Enterprise for America Program in 2019, used my combined experience working with startups to get up and running my own fledgling business.

Now, they’re hoping their CBD-infused Jibby Coffee will help get Miami up and running—without the jarring edge associated with coffee consumption.

“We wanted something different from our coffee,” says Rina. “It had to taste good, use sustainable ingredients, and give us energy to boot. Now, after a year of roasting, brewing, and refining our vision, a better coffee experience is here.”

Ortega says the idea for Jibby was born when he and Reina were looking for a way to reduce coffee-induced anxiety. After scouring the internet for answers, he began balancing his morning cup with CBD.

“The ‘aha moment’ came one day when I was making and drinking too much coffee and bouncing off the walls,” Ortega tells new Times. “Having ADD and anxiety, coffee can make me very anxious or restless. James felt the same way.”

James Reina (left) and Alvaro Ortega, co-founders of Jibby Coffee.

James Reina (left) and Alvaro Ortega, co-founders of Jibby Coffee.

Photo courtesy of Jibby Coffee

The partners say that their CBD-infused coffee – a combination of coffee, water and US-grown cannabis – promotes focus and clarity, reducing nervousness.

“Did you know that caffeine is the coffee plant’s natural defense mechanism? By design, it’s supposed to make you feel irritable and anxious,” notes Reina. “So we added CBD to the process to help make it a cleaner, quieter pick-me-up.”

Jibby starts with coffee beans purchased from small organic Colombian farms in the Nario and Huila regions. Next, the beans are roasted—one medium-light, the other medium-dark—to produce a blend that has notes of chocolate, marzipan, and citrus. After roasting, let the beans rest for 27 days before undergoing an 18-hour cold-brew process.

The final addition: CBD derived from American-grown hemp, which does its sweetening function without interfering with the flavor of the coffee.

Priced from $30 to $66 and sold in six- and 12-packs as well as 90-ounce to-go boxes, Jibby Coffee Mendez Fuel, Minty Jade, Teeth Golden Hog, Schofield and Manna Life on Miami Beach is sold in food. It is also available through local delivery domcello.com and nationwide (with free shipping) via jibbycoffee.com.

Both have partnered 1% for the planet, pledging one percent of every dollar earned to provide clean water to communities in need.

“I think customers are coming to approach Caffeine as much as the US market has come for cars over the past 15 years – it’s no longer just about speed and power. It’s about the full experience,” says Alvaro. he said.

“Gone are the days of monster energy and hummus, and the days of matcha green tea and Tesla. We think CBD will be the new caffeine [drink] To a whole new generation of Americans who yearn for mindfulness, wellness, and balance.”

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