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Miami Carney has been hit by a tire attack on a flea market



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Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market is the destination If you want a big (and potentially violent) show.

Last month, an eight-minute video went viral on social media showing a Ferris wheel driver arguing with guests and co-workers at a frightening market as a child rolled over and his mother pushed another carnival. They jumped up and down, pushing the parent out of their way before anyone else could enter.

When was the event First reported, Carny’s identity is unknown and police have not yet arrested him. However, the newly released records show that the man, Sebring John Howard Hoffman III, was arrested a few days after the April 17 incident and was charged with felony criminal mischief and two battery-related offenses related to the carnival.

Mobile video of the event was distributed Facebook Live It starts when Hoffman tries to get out of the car after a trip. He then captures Lyon, pulls her out of the car, and accidentally closes the door on Juliisa Houston. When the child is separated from his mother, he tries to catch the car, then pulls it out until it is released.

Another flea market employee is seen telling Hoffman something to accuse his co-worker of throwing him into a fence. (Witnesses say an unidentified employee told Hoff Man to “leave her trip.”)

To get rid of the passengers in the next car, Hoffman moves the vehicle again. After getting out of a Ferris wheel with a car, the woman in the car approached Hoffman and argued with him, then pushed and then hit her. Someone who shoots the video “Hit the Donkey!” Many onlookers jumped on Hoffman and punched him.

In the middle of the procession, Ferris’ vehicle and the rest of the passengers began to move at high speed, approaching the crowd.

Police arrived on the scene and dispersed the crowd, but Hoffman did not arrest him. The next day, officers spoke to witnesses, including Houston. At that time, Carnival’s manager, Hoffman, moved to another station to avoid further clashes, and the police could not interrogate him.

Arrested form b New Times In response to a question-and-answer session, Hoffman said: On April 21, he was taken to the Opa-Lokaka Police Station and taken to the Turner Gilford Night Detention Center. He is awaiting an appeal hearing next month after pleading not guilty to the charges.

Local filmmaker Billy Corben shared the video on Twitter, which garnered more than 200,000 views. New Times He requested the report on April 19, but did not receive any public records until May 27.

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