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Miami Heat offseason 2021: Key questions to be answered


Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat will be busy this summer. Image from Bleacher Report.

This is the big offseason for Miami Heat. With limited draw assets and many players hitting the free agency, Miami has big questions to answer. The Heat offseason 2021 preview looks at roster needs, potential trades, and potential free agency acquisitions.

Heat Offseason 2021 Preview

Losing Jay Crowder Hurts more than expected. while the Victor Oladipo The trade was low risk, and went as badly as it could have done. Miami was disappointed this season. The causes of the struggles can be put forward, but this list now faces a vast uncertainty that transcends its two stars.

Here are three key issues the heat pyramid hierarchy must address this summer …

What is Robinson’s magic number?

Duncan Robinson It is an elite shooter. In fact, the elite might not do it. Joe Harris And the Davis Bertans Only two examples of sniper shooters get paid. Robinson is expected to enter his teens well every year. Miami has a dilemma.

Robinson is the key to their attack. He played it with two men Pam Adebayo It is an essential component. Shooting makes up for what Jimmy Butler And Adebayo not do. Robinson, though, has a responsibility to defend in the post-season period despite improvements. How he’s relentlessly targeted when the matter matters is a concern.

Its value for the team is great. But how he is seen will change if he gets paid. The shooter who came out of nowhere to start on NBA Finals it is cold. If he has a four-year, $ 60 million contract, frustrations will mount in his defense. Spraying a contract this size means holding a player for a tough time – is Robinson ready for that?

Which Veterans Miami Should Resign?

Butler, Adebayo, KZ OkpalaAnd the Precious Achioa, And the Tyler Hero They are the only Miami players with guaranteed contracts for next season. Andrei Iguodala And the Goran Dragic It’s almost certain that their players’ choices have been rejected. Nemanja Bijelica And the Trevor Ariza She will have many suitors.

There’s Victor Oladipo’s strange pose, too. Oladipo is expected to return to solid wood next year. Miami could offer a deal at a discount and try to hold some maximum space until 2022. With Butler already in his 30s, though, taking the kicks next season would be a bold decision, and a big bet on Butler to avoid falling for a few more seasons.

Miami put together their cover sheet for this off season. The stars have gradually returned to sign. There are limited options for spending this cover space, but previous decisions leave the Hit front desk with a lot of tough calls to make on veterans.

Who has a meaning in free agency?

Veteran, low-cost acquisitions are all Miami can do this summer. Let’s ignore Kawhi Leonard Rumors. If they pay for Robinson, the Heat will try to find valuable bonuses to bring in shooting and defense alongside Butler and Adebayo.

Otto Porter The son could be fit well. Porter has suffered injuries in recent seasons, but after a hefty contract that has traded twice, he may be happy to charge a lower salary for a competitor. Porter flank placement with Butler provides much-needed ocean mobility and shooting.

This free agent category is generally weak. Premium top cover room. Miami may be looking to hold on to many veterans and bring it back up again before it takes off in 2022. There are plenty of good options apart from the big names, and some might be tempted by minimal bargains.

Nicola BatumAnd the Ben MaclemoreAnd the Patti Mills And the JG Riddick Few notable personalities. Keep your eyes peeled Kyle Lowry Talk, too, after the heat almost too Make a deal On the deadline.

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