Mic drop: Republican senator’s claim of button to silence Biden laughs | Joe Biden

The Secretary of State, Antony Blink, slammed laughter on Capitol Hill on Tuesday when Republican Senator James Risch relentlessly questioned him about a rumor that someone on the White House staff was “pushing the button and cutting [Joe Biden] of the average rate ”with a wireless device.

“Someone in the White House has the power to push the button and turn off the president’s speech and sound. Who’s that person? “Asked Risch, who was also a former lieutenant governor of Idaho.

In a video of the testimony, Blinken tries to limit his pleasure as Risch repeatedly asks him different iterations of the same question during a hearing that was intended to focus on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Everyone who knows the president, including committee members, knows that he speaks very clearly and very intentionally for himself,” Blinken said. “No one else does.”

“Are you saying there is no one in the White House who can turn him off?” Risch asked again. “It has been widely reported that someone has the ability to press the button and mute his voice and prevent him from speaking,” Risch continued. “Who is that person?”

“There is no such person,” Blinken said in response, laughing. “Once again, the president speaks for himself, making all strategic decisions informed by the best advice he can get from the people around him.”

If that was not enough, Risch asked the question again and Blinken repeated his answer.

The notion that Biden is controlled by someone behind the scenes stemmed from a tweet from RNC Research, an official affiliate of the Republican National Committee that claims it “reveals lies, hypocrisy and failed extreme left-wing policies of Joe Biden.”

Tweet included a video from a meeting where Biden was informed by federal and state fire authorities about the forest fires in the west.

Biden responds to comments from George Geissler, a state forester representing the National Association of State Foresters at the briefing.

“Can I ask a question?” Biden asks Geissler. “One of the things I’ve been working on with some others is …” and the flow is interrupted.

The longer version of the conversation, which is available on the White House’s official YouTube channel, ends after Biden asks “Can I ask you a question?”

While the RNC tweet was based on Monday’s forest fire, the right has lost for several months about the possibility that the White House is “prevents Biden from being heard by the public“When the cherrypick cases where a live flow was interrupted.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo debunked the conspiracy and shown that it was “the microphone that fell off”, which he said was planned.

The press pool after Biden comes in shortly for pictures, then they are led out. This happens all the time, he says. “Standard routine. But the right has been building this lie for months. They would rather it be something more.”

When the press window to photograph and record the meeting was over, they would be led out, and that was then feeding interrupted, according to another media report.

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