May 9, 2021


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Michael B. Jordan says Kilmangar is unlikely to return

Michael B. Jordan is here to promote his new film, Without remorse, And while many interviewees were determined to talk about his current film, many of them wanted to know about his other potential projects. Superman rumors have become a hot topic of conversation but it’s a character who starred in a Marvel movie that keeps popping up. Michael B. Jordan played the villain Kilmonger Black leopard And a lot of people want to know if he’s coming back in the upcoming sequel.

In an interview with SXM, Jordan has been asked about a possible return Black Panther 2 On a scale of 1-10 about how likely it is to happen. Jordan, probably disappointing many fans, gave the opportunity a strong 2, meaning it probably didn’t happen:

“I didn’t want to go with zero, you know what I mean? And it’s like, you know, sometimes don’t say, you know, I can’t predict the future. So I mean it’s ‘Black Panther 2’. Two, I think it’s just like two, two words okay, I guess … I just know they’re making a script that you know is a reflection of the many situations and tragedies we had to deal with. This is last year. “

Jordan’s turn as Kilmangar Black leopard Received high praise from critics and fans. In the film, his character T’Challa (Chadwick Bosman) is challenged for the throne and even tried to kill our hero. The two engaged in a long third-acting fight that eventually killed T’Challa Kilmangar. Fans think this will be the end of the character but Marvel has a track record of reviving the characters (looking at Loki towards you) and I wonder why so many are wondering if Kilmangar might return.

That being said, Jordan’s answer is still a bit across the whole place because he says he’s answering “2” because it is Black Panther 2. He seems to be playing at the same level as how many are playing Superman rumors. Perhaps all of these Marvel guys are trained not to give specific answers because they want to keep some mystery alive. Jordan is very close to director Ryan Googler so if something happens about a return, I’m sure these two could happen, but it could also keep a very big secret.

Not much is known about Black Panther 2 In terms of conspiracy, especially when they tackled the difficult task of moving forward without surpassing Chadwick Bosman, he lost his battle after battling cancer last year. That is what has been revealed Tenok Huerta will play the villain in the film, but Marvel has not confirmed whether any villain Huerta will play..

Do you think Michael B. Jordan should return as Kilmangar or should Marvel focus on the new villain? Black Panther 2?