Michael Slater Wants Home Charge To Be Hired For Mental Health

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Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater will pursue two charges of domestic violence for mental health reasons after the court heard that he is being treated in an inpatient hospital.

Slater, 51, was arrested at his Manly home on October 20 and charged with harassing and intimidating his partner in Randwick between October 12 and 13 in order to make her fear physical or mental harm.

Michael Slater leaves Manly Police Station last month.

Michael Slater leaves Manly Police Station last month.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer

He is also accused of using transportation services to threaten, harass or insult her between March and October.

When Slater was arrested, police said they had received “reports of domestic violence allegedly taking place on Tuesday, October 12th.”

Slater’s attorney James McLaughlin told local Waverley court on Thursday that his client was in hospital and was seen by a forensic psychiatrist on Wednesday.

He said his client is currently in the hospital for “appropriate treatment” as an inpatient.

Mr. McLaughlin asked to postpone the trial until December, when Slater’s lawyer appears and files a motion to drop charges on mental health grounds.

If such a request is granted, the magistrate may order the patient to undergo treatment.

Mr. McLaughlin asked for a date a week before Christmas.