Midnight Mass: It’s time to talk about that monstrous twist

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How to defeat a vampire

While each vampire story presents its own unique view of the creature, the answer to how to defeat a vampire is usually the same: by doing it together.

“We poor people only have so much we can give,” Flanagan says. “We are ill-equipped as individuals to take any meaningful position. The only way evil can be brought down in the world is through collective effort. That’s something Stoker understands inherently. It’s clearly something King understands.

In addition to the aforementioned Bram Stoker and Stephen King, Flanagan presents a small team of humans at the end of the story, who do whatever it takes to defeat the beast, even if it means dying in the process. Erin Greene (Kate Siegel), Dr. Sarah Gunning, Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli), Annie Flynn (Kristin Lehman), Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney), and Leeza Scarborough (Annarah Cymone) are the six Crockett Island residents who are brave enough are trying to take down the angel. All but two (Warren and Leeza) die. They managed to eliminate the immediate threat on Crockett Island, but it is possible that the angel made it away to suck blood another day, damaged wings and all.

Which is interesting about Midnight Mass” Last Crew ” is that six seems the magic number when it comes to killing a vampire. The Stoker Dracula has six heroes: Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker née Murray, Arthur Holmwood (Lord Godalming), John Seward, Quincey Morris, and Abraham Van Helsing (of whom only the poor American cowboy Quincey Morris dies). King’s ‘Salem’s Lot also has six: Ben Mears, Matt Burke, Susan Norton, Mark Petrie, Jimmy Cody, and father Callahan (of whom, certainly more than one of them died). This strange piece of arithmetic is something we asked Flanagan.

“The number was certainly not cautious,” he says. “Once it was clear that Riley would not carry the torch until the end, it was really about asking the question ‘who are the characters that seem to be at a disadvantage in the beginning and how can we empower them in the end? ‘This would be played by Sarah Gunning, Sheriff Hassan, and all the others who give only a small piece. “

Considering that Erin and the company were about 117 on six, it was a pretty good show for the last people on Crockett Island.

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