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Mike Pompey-Ilhan Omar’s accusation of terrorism against Israel is “anti-Semitic.”


Former Israeli Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo says Israeli-Palestinian conflictFolkner’s attentionRichard Ilhan Omar De-Min, accusing Israel of terrorism on Friday.

Republican Ilhan Omar Accuses Israel of ‘Terrorism’ with Hamas

Mickey Apple: Very important. We are very careful about how we select terrorists in the United States. We make sure we are right and we always make sure we are right. Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad [PIJ] They are terrorist organizations. We know that the Palestinian Authority has contributed to the terror against the people of Israel today.

Israel has every right to be protected from this terror. If rockets were being fired in the United States, we would do it at home. We really want everyone who does that to us to pay a high price. Israel is doing it now.

This is anti-Semitic when I hear members of Congress talking about responsible Israel as a terrorist organization. This is designed to support organizations that want to destroy Israel and make no mistake about it.


So far, I am happy to see that the administration has not asked for the brakes to be installed in Israel, but we can provide more support. All of this is happening on the back of the United States if it decides to write to the Palestinian Authority and give money to the Palestinians. Why are Americans giving money to the Palestinians when the Palestinians are waging a terrorist campaign against our friend and ally Israel?

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