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Mike Tyson feels that Jack Paul will not win the fight against Floyd Mayweather


With news Jake Paul quarrel with Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Spawning waves across the internet, it was only a matter of time before boxing legend Mike Tyson even thought of the situation.

When called by reporters, the 54-year-old spoke of the Paul brothers’ chances in the ring while showing nothing but love for them. This is Mike Tyson’s view of how Jack Paul would act against Mr. 50-0 himself.

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Mike Tyson doesn’t think Jake Paul has a chance against Mayweather

TMZ reporters approached, and Mike Tyson was asked what he thought of Jake Paul’s fight against Mayweather and who he thought would win.

I don’t know, (Do you care about this fight?) A little bit. (Do you think Jake Ball can win?) No. I think he will get hit badly.

When asked if either of the Paul brothers could take Mayweather in the ring, Mike Tyson simply nodded, dismissing and ignoring the question as if it were a joke.

The reporter then went on to ask Mike Tyson if he’d ever entered the ring against the Paul brothers, something Mike Tyson got the most helpful response to.

No, I love these guys, man. (If you were offered to fight, would you take it?) No, I love these guys.

Boxing legend has mentioned in the past that the Paul brothers were good at the sport in terms of viewership and even felt that Jack Paul had a good chance against Ben Ascreen in the ring, something Jake Paul succeeded in, by hitting Ben Askren. Outside the first round of the match.

Whether Mayweather vs. Jake Paul will become a reality in the ring or not.

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