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Minderoo’s Report on Plastics Ignores Consumer Costs


Ang Minderoo laid the foundation a report outlines the multinational corporations they claim are responsible for producing and financing single use plastic products around the world.

The report, which has a global scope, called for additional regulations to help curb the issue of mismanagement of plastic waste. Unfortunately, their proposals largely ignore the immense consumer costs associated with increased regulatory efforts.

“The Minderoo Foundation’s report on plastic waste completely ignores the additional costs to consumers that come from heavy regulations. Their suggestions, in addition to what Congress has already proposed, are a recipe for to disasters that significantly increase the prices consumers pay, ”said David Clement, North America Manager for the DC-based Consumer Choice Center.

“The Foundation report seems to be Ignore the fact that the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, and CLEAN Future Act, have set the stage for a moratorium on permits for advanced recycling facilities. This is important because a polymer recycling mandate, such as the one proposed in the report, would not be feasible if at the same time Congress prohibits the creation of new advanced recycling facilities.

“If Congress acts on the Minderoo Foundation report, they will create a recycled content mandate while at the same time significantly limiting the ability of advanced recycling facilities to keep up. That will cause demand for recycled plastics to rise without creating the necessary infrastructure needed to increase the supply of recycled plastic, which would put enormous upward pressure on prices.This would be a horrible outcome for consumers, especially given the disadvantage of the financial security that has been forced on so many Americans because of the pandemic, ”he added.

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