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Minneapolis Teacher Harvey Williams Shot, Died by Automatic Gun Fire – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Another round of automatic gunfire near 49th Street on Tuesday night killed a man known to many in northern Minneapolis.

He was in his vehicle and crashed into a ditch off I-94.

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Gospel singer, minister, and model Jovanta Patton knew her victim, Harvey Williams, from childhood.

“We don’t know the details – I’m not here to talk about it, but I’m here to talk about how to miss someone who was a good person to help change the community,” Patton said. She met Williams at Edison High School.

News of Williams’ death spread quickly.

Patton and his wife, Symone, took to Facebook to give people who knew Williams a safe place to pray and mourn.

“You could feel the heaviness, you could feel the pain, you could feel the frustration, you could want to go into a numb state,” said Symone Patton.

“He was a hero, he tried to save lives in what happened recently,” said Jovanta Patton.

Williams was at an Uptown restaurant last month when someone standing across the street opened fire with automatic gunfire.

The ATF is investigating this incident and the footage that cost Williams his life due to the possible use of automatic concussions, a device that converts semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic firearms.

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ATF’s St. “We are absolutely committed to finding out who you are and getting you out of the community,” said Special Agent Jeff Reed of the Paul Field Office.

A community is devastated by the loss of a rising designer, father, and man with a heart for the community.

“Clothing was great, he was a great father, a teacher. He recently started working at Minneapolis Public Schools and all he talked about was his daughter,” said Jovanta Patton.

Patton hopes to use her platform to provide a safe space for people to grieve and seek help to break out of this cycle of violence.

“Trying to break out of this lifestyle is not a photo op, it’s not a post on Facebook, it’s literally a covert business,” Patton said.

Police have no motive or suspect in Williams’ death.

Patton and his wife are welcoming anyone who needs a safe space to attend the pop-up event, The Wave, this Sunday.

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For more information about that event, Click here.


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