May 9, 2021


Your News Buddy

Misinformation about the Oprah interview approved by Omid Scooby

Well, no drop, omid! Meghan’s favorite mouthpiece really admits that what she said about Archie’s title was wrong!

It’s just stupid! Meghan Merkel’s central spokeswoman, Omid Scooby, has indeed admitted Daily Mail, Which is why he was wrong about why his son, Archie, didn’t get any titles. Well, boo boo! This information is not ‘piece’ news. Anyone who can use the internet can just do a Google search and find out who can be given the title.

Omid is not a royal correspondent. He is not even a suitable journalist. If he had stayed, he would have known directly that it was a lie. He is regal and yet he is considered to be “expert” in all matters, his only focus is on Meghan’s agenda to make her mother-in-law stronger. He did not bother about anyone else in the royal family and his goddess allowed him to trash them.

To be a journalist means to verify the veracity of the people before saying anything to them. There is no one better than Omira Oprah who doesn’t bother to scrutinize the claims that Meghan and Harry were looking at. Moreover, he is meant to be one of the best interviewers in America. Not surprisingly, the interview received only 17 million views in the United States. This is a huge drop compared to Oprah’s 1993 interview with Michael Jackson, which has 90 million viewers.

All the other royal ‘experts’ have already addressed it so how can this suddenly explode? It’s as if Meghan is running wild and says, “These are all wrong and only Omid is right!” Moreover, she is a pregnant woman who will do anything to stay relevant. It comes even if Prince Charles wants to remove the monarchy. Therefore, in the Sussex camp we are so tired of throwing irrational news. Finally, did anyone notice that it was Princess Charlotte’s birthday coming up?