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Mission to build hope and skills among Virginia Island youth | My Brother’s Workshop, American Virgin Islands


Giving life-long skills through real work, parenting, counseling and family-based networking

In a recent effort to shed more light on various charitable programs in the Virgin Islands, we had the opportunity to meet with my brother’s workshop owner and program directors. We wanted to share with you this influential organization and all the exciting stories we have had with them. You can also visit their business pages on “What to Do VI” by clicking on the following links for more information on them and their upcoming events: MBW-Workshop Information, MBW-Cafe Information

How my brother’s workshop started

Shortly after moving to St. Thomas 13 years ago, his wife, Scott Bradley, noticed the need for youth counseling programs on the Virgin Islands. With his spirit, engineering, architecture, social work experience, and, occasionally, another revolt against St. Thomas, my brethren ‘workshop idea was born. He knows that children are Scott to learn real-world skills outside of the traditional classroom that will help them find successful jobs. He had many experiences and desires to teach that. It all started with a boy who was interested in helping to repair a church in St. Thomas’.

My brother’s workshop today

Snowball continues to thrive, and today each year they help about 150 children and adults at St. Thomas and St. Croix. The program includes a workshop in the Tutu area, a cafe in downtown Charlotte, a workshop on St. Croix, and online handicrafts. My brother’s workshop provides skills development for children and adults with the support of educators, staff, mental health counselors, a network beyond the graduation program and to people in the local community and beyond.

Scott Bradley, co-founder of my brother’s workshop

Marble College Church in New York. What to do by editing VI

If you are interested in volunteering, donating or needing more information, please email my brother’s workshop over here Or comment below.

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