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Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and works for teens


In release On May 25, Moderna says its vaccine is safe and effective among children ages 12 to 18.

The company reported the results of its combined Phase 2 and 3 studies, which involved more than 3,700 teens who were randomly assigned to receive either two doses of its COVID-19 vaccine or two doses of a placebo. The study was designed to compare results among adults to those of adolescents, which prompted the company’s current emergency use authorization for its vaccine. Researchers are looking to see if the outcomes in adolescents are at least as good, and not worse, than in adults.
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And that’s what the company said. No cases of COVID-19 were reported, 14 days after adolescent study participants received two doses of the shot, compared with four cases in those who received a placebo, meaning the vaccine protects against disease. was 100% effective. The company said that the vaccine is 93% effective in protecting against a single symptom of the COVID-19 disease after a single dose.

Moderna is the second company to report COVID-19 vaccine results among teens; In March, Pfizer-BioNtech Reported Similar safety and 100% efficacy in its studies and obtained authorization from FDA for its two-dose pill among teens in May. Both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are built on mRNA technology, which involves using genetic material from the COVID-19 virus to train the immune system to fight it.

Moderna plans to submit the latest data from teens to the US Food and Drug Administration to expand the current authorization for its vaccine to children under the age of 12.



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