Moldy tea bags, a dirty toilet and no electricity: Mom says Manchester hotel is ‘the worst hotel she’s ever stayed in’

Moldy tea bags, a dirty toilet, dead insects, no electricity and no room key.

This was like the nightmare a mother endured during her recent trip to a Manchester hotel.

The family, who did not want to be named, was visiting the city at the end of September while their daughter was starting university.

They traveled from London and stayed at the Victoria Park Hotel in Rusholme, paying £130 a night for two rooms via

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“It wasn’t the most expensive place, so I wasn’t expecting luxury,” my mom said.

“I’ve traveled a lot over the years and used

“I wasn’t expecting anything big, that wasn’t the point of the trip.”

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“But we were pretty shocked.

“It was the worst place I’ve ever stayed in my life, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A mother complained after a terrible stay at the Victoria Park Hotel in Manchester.

At check-in, the mother said that a staff member told them there was a problem with the keys and they would not be allowed to have one for their room.

Instead, another staff member who spoke no English used the same key to open both rooms.

“I’m trapped in a filthy, stinking room with no phone and no electricity”

When the family returned, they were once again escorted from reception to their rooms and were told they could not hold a key.

Anne insisted on keeping a key between them that would eventually open both doors, but said she found the script ‘very frustrating’.

The family had to share a room key that opened both rooms.

“It was getting late and my 8-year-old daughter was getting tired,” she said.

“I took him to the bathroom and left as soon as he got in.

“I’m not sure what’s worse – traces of faeces on the toilet seat, moldy, filthy, non-closing window, or hair on the shower plug.”

There were dead insects on the window sill

“Ignore random tile pieces being put together violently, clearly against their will.

“The floor stuck to our shoes.

“The overwhelming smell of mold permeated every pore of our skin.”

Victoria Park Hotel in Rusholme

After her daughter slept, the mother went to make a cup of tea but found that the kettle was not working.

After trying all the sockets in the room, he realized that the lamps were not working either.

“It hit me at that point, there was no electricity,” he said.

Mom says musty smell is ‘overwhelming’

“I’m trapped in a filthy, stinking room with no phone, no electricity, no windows that don’t lock.

“In this place where one key opens multiple rooms, I had no intention of leaving my daughter alone and asking the front desk for help.”

My mom says the ventilation problem in the room is so bad that even the tea bags are moldy.

Victoria Park Hotel did not respond to a request for comment.

“My daughter had asthma as a child, thankfully she’s grown, but this was the first night she’d coughed like that since she was three or four years old,” he said.

“I had a hard time breathing

“I don’t know if that’s a concern either.”

Family paid £130 for two rooms for one night

Victoria Park Hotel did not respond to a request for comment when contacted by the company. Manchester Evening News.

A staff member who answered the phone asked us to send an email with no response. initially apologized for the mother’s experience and offered her a £26 travel credit.

Other reviews have also complained of a bad experience at the Victoria Park Hotel.

After MEN contacted for comment, the offer was raised to a full £130.

“The health and safety of our customers is a top priority for us at, and listing accommodations that meet travelers’ expectations, which in this case obviously didn’t happen,” said a spokesperson.

“We have contacted the customer, offered a full refund and other costs associated with relocation, and will be contacting the accommodation owner to discuss how they will prepare their facilities for visitors to ensure all future guests have a good experience.”


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