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Molly Brown House Museum – Pilot and Me


Many years ago I met Molly Brown through the musician Unthinkable Molly Brown. My children were very young at the time and loved music. They sang Belly to bar boys Singing for days after watching the concert Tuacahn Amphitheater St. George, Utah. Many people may know about Molly Brown from Deby Reynolds’ interpretation Unthinkable Molly Brown movie Since 1964 Molly Brown was a real person and I had the opportunity to visit her Denver home last week. She was known as this historic woman who influenced our entire lives Margaret Brown And it was Hollywood that turned her into Molly Brown and caricature. Margaret Brown Denver Victoria House, located near Denver, Colorado, is located at the 1340 Pennsylvania Center and is open to visitors. Margaret Brown In addition to her adventure on Life Boat No. 6, she had a happy life RMS Titanic. Margaret Brown was a social activist who fought for better working conditions and holidays (miners worked 6 or 7 days a week in those days) and child labor. She was Suragist, Philanthropist, aspiring politician (running for the US Senate in Colorado), world traveler, actor, actress, mother, wife and many more. She was rewarded Honor of the French Legion For her good deeds.

Margaret Brown Margaret Tobin was born. She married James Joseph Brown (JJ Brown) Twelve years old. It was a love affair. They had two children: Lawrence (also known as Larry) and Catherine Ellen (also known as Helen).

Disciples do a great job of sharing Margaret Brown’s life story with visitors and visiting a beautiful and exciting home. The Molly Brown House Museum Tours Run every 30 minutes and stay for 45-60 minutes (meaning there are two visits at home at once). I recommend seeing it soon, as it will be full. You may want to spend some time watching the beginning of your visit by watching the short documentary about Margaret’s life in the basement and reading the information that appears before your visit so you can learn more about the tour and learn more. Questions Answered by Questions.

Margaret Brown
Parliamentary view from the library
Library with JJ Brown Study
JJ Brown Study
dining room
Margaret Brown Bedroom
Margaret Brown Bedroom
Helen’s bedroom (Margaret’s daughter)
Helen’s bedroom
Larry Bedroom (Margaret’s son)
Larry Bedroom (Margaret’s son)
Admission tickets
Pilot at Margaret Brown Denver House

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