Saturday, March 6

Moneybagg Yo Apologizes After Tweeting He Doesn’t Want The Pandemic To End Because He Made Millions 

Celebrities are constantly being criticized for being out of touch with the people who support them. It seems Moneybagg Yo is acknowledging he was guilty of this following some recent tweets he made saying that he didn’t want the pandemic to end.

It’s unclear what prompted Moneybagg Yo to tweet his opinion on the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in millions of people losing their job and/or business, but he took the opportunity to talk about his financial windfall during these otherwise trying times.

“Not gone lie I made a couple Ms in da pandemic, ion want it to end,” Bagg’s first tweet read.

He followed that up with, “I feel like the pandemic help a lot of people.”

People on social media immediately began to call Bagg out for failing to acknowledge the hardships that so many people have been dealing with as a result of the pandemic.

“It’s true some people did well…He said I don’t want it to end which is where he crossed the line. Millions are dead and you don’t want that to end so you can keep profiting, any (way) you cut it that’s messed up and not a laughing matter,” one person tweeted.

Others were a bit more understanding and even saw where Bagg was coming from.

“I mean, I get his point, but you could have said it a bit differently. This is insensitive to people that lost lives and livelihood during the pandemic,” another person tweeted.

It appears Moneybagg Yo was paying attention to what people were saying because the tweets have since been deleted. In their place, Bagg made a statement apologizing for his words, acknowledging that they were insensitive.

“I apologize to everybody I offended my comment was very insensitive it was not my intent to hurt anyone,” Moneybagg Yo tweeted.

Do y’all think he crossed a line with his initial statement and does his apology suffice? Let us know.

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