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More anti-racism efforts in schools


It comes as the latest figures show that one in three bullying incidents recorded were related to racism.

Figures from August 2020 to May 2021 show that a total of 618 incidents were recorded and 204 were classified as “related to racism”.

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More incidents were reported in primary schools in the city.

Schools reported 382 cases and 122 were marked as related to racism. While 231 were registered in secondary schools and 79 were related to casteism.

Five more incidents occurred at ASL schools, three of which were linked to racism.

Work being done includes a presentation for employees that was developed with the Racial Equality and Rights Commission.

training has been delayed due to pressure on Education The system from Covid, but is expected to be initially in three secondary schools before the end of term and then to be rolled out across the city after the summer vacations.

A black youth group has also been established to support the council’s development work on the issue. The youth of the group met with the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, and the Minister for Equality, Christina McKelvy, to give their views to the ministers.

A questionnaire has been prepared for the council by Glasgow Psychological Services which will be used to sample schools across the city.

The council said this would help them understand the experiences of young people in Glasgow schools and the data used to inform future practice and strategy.

Maureen McKenna, executive director of education, said in a report to councillors: “Education services have prioritized activities related to race equality in recent years and despite the pandemic, especially this season.”

She continued: “The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement campaign has added to our work a sense of urgency and the need to examine what we do to improve the culture and practices of our schools. Our aim is to put systemic at our service.” To support change and to support the Council’s broader initiative challenging racism.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “This is a very important task that will have a positive impact on our school, staff, children and youth.

“Our focus over the years has been to transform cultures, hearts and minds and we will continue to make this a key commitment of our work to help strengthen the agenda of equality in all areas of education services.”

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