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More than 100 employees have filed a lawsuit against Houston Methodist over the COVID-19 vaccine standard


A lawsuit has been filed against the Houston Methodist Hospital, which requires more than 100 staff to receive the vaccine for COVID-19 employees.

The complaint alleges that 117 workers are being asked to be vaccinated illegally Washington Post.

The plaintiffs, for their part, said: “The hospital is forcing the staff to become ‘guinea pigs’ as a prerequisite for their continued employment.”

The lawsuit comes as the Houston Methodist new policy approaches the June 7 deadline for workers to be vaccinated.

He was a Houston Methodist The first hospital system To issue immunization orders for workers in the United States. Administrators were given until April 15 to be vaccinated.

The plaintiffs, for their part, reported that the commission “required the employee to undergo a medical examination as a prerequisite for feeding his family.” The complaint also alleges that the fake vaccines were “experimental COVID-19 MRI” injections.

In a statement, the Houston Methodist The Hilton said: “It is unfortunate that some workers who refuse to receive the vaccine and refuse to put our patients first have responded in this way.”

According to the hospital, β€œCOVID-19 vaccines have proven to be extremely safe and effective in the most severe trials. In the United States alone, more than 165 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, resulting in the lowest number of infections in our country and the Houston region in more than a year.

The hospital told Hill that 99 percent of the Houston Methodist’s 26,000 staff met the immunization requirements.

Equality Opportunity Commission There is Friday Federal law does not prohibit employers from requiring all workers to be vaccinated β€œin the workplace.”

However, employers still have to deal with workers who have decided not to be vaccinated due to disability or religious reasons.


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